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E-learning  Classroom &Virtual Classroom

Types Of Courses

E-learning – These are the greatest thing since PowerPoint delivered us from using overhead transparencies. Interactive E-learning courses are developed in Adobe Captivate® and deployed on the internet via a Learning Management System. Learners view training content via a web browser. All training records and test results are tracked automatically by the Learning Management System (LMS).

Jet Maintenance Consulting Corp.can develop E-learning courses of any type for you. We can take your existing classroom training and turn it into an E-learning Module or build a course from scratch. JMCC courses are authored to be SCORM or AICC compliant .

We can host your E-learning content on our LMS, or deliver it to your existing LMS.

Click Here to view sample E-learning Content.

Some of the Available “On the Shelf” E-learning Courses

Human Factors

Electrical Wiring Interconnect Systems

Course A (8 hours)        Course B (4 hours)

Airport Markings and Communications

DPS 350/450 Pitot Static Tester Operation

Aeroflex IFR 4000 Test Set Operation

Aeroflex IFR 6000 Test Set Operation

Avionica RSU II Test Set Operation

JMCC Fuel Tank Safety Training

Boeing 767 Air Data Systems Overview

Boeing 767 Air Data Systems Troubleshooting

See JMCC Learning Management System for pricing

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