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Avionica RSU II Test Set Operation

RSU II Operation is an E-learning course consisting of three modules. The course is intended to teach the learner how to use the Avionica RSU II to conduct aircraft Flight Recorder Downloads, Real Time Flight Recorder Monitoring, Mini QAR downloads and monitoring, as well as using the RSU II 615 data loader. The course is not aircraft specific and may be used for all aircraft types.

Upon Completion of this course, the learner will;

  • Be able to identify and understand the RSU II Controls and Indicators.

  • Know how to download flight recorder data using the RSU II.

  • Be familiar with using the RSU II to monitor Flight Recorder and Flight Data Acquisition
    Unit Information in real time.

  • Understand how to use the Avionica Mark II QAR utility.

  • Be able to utilize the RSU II communications menu to transfer and downloaded files.

  • Know how to use the 615 data loader function of the RSU II.

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