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What is Virtual Aircraft Survey Tool?
How to Use Virtual Aircraft Survey Tool

Try Virtual Aircraft Tool for Yourself

Product – Virtual Aircraft

  • Technology is here​

  • Virtual Home Tours are being utilized in Today's market – Visual presence enables a “I’ve been there experience”​

  • Few Large Operators are utilizing it​

  • Uses are endless- ​

  • Training for Maintenance, Flight, Dispatch, Ground​

  • Tool for anyone in an Airline,  MRO, or a Vendor ​

  • New Technology can be utilized without extreme expenditure.


A virtual aircraft tour is a digital experience that allows individuals to explore and interact with an aircraft through a computer or mobile device. It provides a detailed and immersive virtual representation of an aircraft, enabling users to explore different areas, view the interior and exterior, and learn about its features and functionalities. Here's a brief overview of how a virtual aircraft tour typically works:

  1. Accessing the Virtual Tour: Users can access the virtual aircraft tour through a website or dedicated application. They may need to download specific software or plugins to ensure a smooth experience.

  2. Selection of Aircraft: Depending on the platform, users may have the option to choose from various types of aircraft, either generic or one from their fleet

  3. Navigation and Exploration: Once inside the virtual tour, users can navigate through the aircraft using their mouse, touchpad, or touchscreen. They can move around different sections of the aircraft, such as the cockpit, cargo areas, or wings.

  4. Interactive Elements: Our virtual aircraft tours incorporate interactive elements to enhance the experience. Users can click on specific areas or objects within the aircraft to obtain additional information, such as details about the cockpit instruments, seating arrangements, or technical specifications.

  5. Multimedia Content: To provide a comprehensive experience, virtual aircraft tours may include multimedia content such as videos, audio guides, or 360-degree panoramic views. This allows users to get a more immersive understanding of the aircraft and its functionalities.

  6. Educational Information: Virtual aircraft tours often offer educational information about the aircraft, including its history, design, engineering, and notable features. This information may be presented through text descriptions, pop-up windows, or voice narration. All of this is essential from training maintenance, ground and crew staff.

  7. Customization and Interactivity: Some virtual tours may provide customization options, allowing users to modify certain aspects of the aircraft, such as changing the livery or adjusting seating configurations. Interactive elements like virtual buttons or levers may also be included to simulate

Overall, virtual aircraft tours offer a convenient and engaging way to explore and learn about different types of aircraft without physically being present. They are ideal for educational purposes,

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