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Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance 

Jet Maintenance Consulting Corp. offers Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance as a 8 part E-learning curriculum.

The “practical tools” that technicians acquire during the Jet Maintenance Consulting Corp. Human Factors learning modules include:

  • An increased understanding of the role of Human Factors and the positive actions that professional aviation maintenance personnel can take to have a lasting effect beyond the end of the Human Factors training.

  • Improved communications.

  • Increased assertiveness

  • Methods to cope with pressure and stress

  • How to recognize the onset of fatigue and how deal with it

  • An overall increased awareness of the importance of Human Factors in maintenance personnel and the safety nets they can personally use to reduce maintenance errors (perhaps the largest benefit).

  • A work force with a much sharper focus on preventing minor errors which, if left unchecked or uncorrected, can lead to a significant incident or even catastrophic events.

  • An improved quality, a safer environment, and a more involved and responsible work force.

  • The reduction of even minor errors that can provide measurable benefits including cost reductions, fewer missed deadlines, reduction in work related injuries, reduction of warranty claims and reduction in more significant events which can be traced back to maintenance error.

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