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B767 Air Data Systems Troubleshooting 

B767 Air Data System Troubleshooting is a two part E-learning course intended to teach the learner basic troubleshooting techniques to aid in diagnosing and repairing Boeing 767 Air Data System failures.

Upon Completion of this Course the Student will;

  • Know how to troubleshoot OFF and INOP flags in Air Data displays.

  • Understand How to use the Air Data Source Select switch for troubleshooting air data problems.

  • Be able to perform a self test of the Air Data System.

  • Know how to interpret failure indications shown on an ADC.

  • Be able to troubleshoot Altimeter and Airspeed splits.

  • Know how to inspect pitot static probes for damage.

  • Understand pitot and static leak checks.

  • Be able to drain and flush the aircraft system.

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