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Crystal Resports

Crystal Reports is a popular business intelligence reporting tool that allows users to design and generate dynamic reports from various data sources. If you're looking for a training course for Crystal Reports, here are some of the things that will be covered depending on the course requested:

  1. Introduction to Crystal Reports

  2. Getting Started with Crystal Reports

  3. Connecting to Data Sources

  4. Designing Basic Reports

  5. Sorting and Filtering Data

  6. Using Formulas

  7. Working with Parameters

  8. Grouping and Summarizing Data

  9. Formatting and Styling Reports

  10. Advanced Reporting Features

  11. Exporting and Distributing Reports

  12. Troubleshooting and Performance Optimization

This outline covers the basic concepts and skills required to create effective reports using Crystal Reports. Keep in mind that Crystal Reports is a feature-rich tool, and there are many advanced topics and functionalities to explore beyond the basics.

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Crystal Reports
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