Technical Publications

Technical Publications

Jet Maintenance Consulting Corp. builds Custom Aircraft Maintenance Manuals (AMM), Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPC), and Wiring Diagram Manuals (WDM) in two different formats depending on your needs.  We also write manual for ATOS and SMS compliance.

Manual Supplements

We build AMM, IPC and WDM supplements that include maintenance practices, parts listings and wiring prints for all STCs and other modifications installed on your aircraft. These manuals are used in addition to the manufacturer’s data during maintenance activities.

Single Point of Use Manuals

We also build all inclusive manuals that incorporate the manufacturer’s OEM data as well as data from any STCs or other modifications that have been accomplished on your aircraft fleet. These benefit mechanics or technicians by providing a true “single point of use” manual that contains all of the information for the aircraft in one place.

JMCC customizes each operator’s manuals to contain information effective ONLY to the aircraft and systems in your fleet.
The manuals are produced in .pdf format and delivered securely over the internet. They are easily accessible from anywhere with internet service and a browser. Manuals can be displayed on any computer as well as most tablets and Smartphone.

No matter which type you choose, we incorporate a revision process that ensures these manuals always contain the latest revision information. Our manuals are self sustainable, meaning that once delivered, you have the option to revise your manuals.

If you desire, JMCC can also maintain your manuals for you and incorporate revisions on a predetermined schedule.

JMCC can also create a Maintenance and Inspection Programs (MIP) for new aircraft added to your fleet, or bridge an existing aircraft into a new MIP.